Monday, December 1, 2008

Slow month

Well, it's almost been a month since my last post on inches.  It's been a rough month.  I've had a lot of different med changes.  One I'm still afraid of, and others that just made me feel crappy.  I also was sick more than once this month.  These are definitely sound reasons to have a slow month but somehow the guilt still comes into play.  But, on a good note, I'm back on track as of the last week.  Even with Thanksgiving landing in my stomach.  I've been getting in the workouts, and now I have my niece coming once a week to work out with me!  My dear husband is still very supportive and not sabotaging my efforts. 

I think that I'll really start to work on the diet starting now.  I've been checking myself most days for not overeating and I always try to eat better for the diabetes but I think I'll try even harder to eat more veggies, and less high fat foods.  I'm a lover of all things related to butter so this will be a challenge.  I love to bake.  Cookies, cakes, and brownies, oh my!  But, it's usually not a big problem because I have the ability to take these to work and fatten up my co-workers.  Most of them are men so they just appreciate all this.  Sam and the boys will on occasion get the fruits of my labor and very smaller occasions, I'll eat most of whatever it is.  So, my baking is not the biggest problem.  After dinner is the largest problem.  I love popcorn.  Not just boring bland, no butter popcorn. But, buttery, covered in Parmesan popcorn.  Not just a serving, but a full sized bowl steaming with cheese.  Heaven in a bowl.  I'll be working off that bowl every time I eat it.  So, I'm going to try my hardest to get that off my repertoire.  I can't say I'll never eat it, but working out in the evenings seems to help with this and so does eating oatmeal in the first hour I'm awake.  So, with my new drug (starting tomorrow) and keeping on schedule, I should be able to combat this big fatty problem.  Wish me luck.

Now for the inch update.  I'm saying this again, it's been a slow month.  But, thankfully, a little progress has been made!  As of this morning, no inches on the breasts, no loss the arms, half an inch on my waist, half an inch on my leg and one full inch on my hips.  I have to say I've noticed my waist the most.  I can't tell you exactly why only a half inch on the stomach seemed to feel so much different but it does.  It feels like two inches.  I could tell the difference when I zipped up my coat, and the way my shirts hangs on me.  So, it might not be a big loss but it feels big and that along with any progress is always a good thing.  I keep thinking marathon, not a sprint.  

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Cassandra, James and Madison said...

Keep it up!! We will make it at some ppoint It may be slow but it i worth it