Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Motivators ->Veruca, Cass and Focusing on the tiny

On the way to work today I was thinking of different blog suggestions I could use.  Motivation is key to my success and I was thinking of things that help me go each day and continue on this quest.  First one, that came to mind from I don't even know where, was Veruca Salt.  You know the character from Willy Wonka who turned into a giant blueberry?  Yeah, that's the one.  One year a friend suggested I be Veruca Salt and that my boyfriend at the time could be Willy Wonka.  I didn't immediately remember who she was and hadn't seen the movie in a decade or so.  She told me, that it was the girl that was the giant blueberry.  My heart deflated and I was hurt beyond the expression that I had on my face.  I decided against that costume.  I can have fun with myself but being related to a giant blueberry was a bit above and beyond where I wanted to go.  So, to motivate myself, it is to keep reminding myself that if I stay true to my myself and my workout plan, I will eventually loose that ability to remind people of a giant blueberry.  Or a sumo wrestler, giant bumble bee and might just make it into a sexy costume column instead.  

Second thing that comes to mind is Cassandra.  She has came to work out with me every week for a while now and I've really come to appreciate it.  Even if we're both tired, working out with someone else really makes it work.  I might be tired but I'm going to get through it and might get even further with someone else pushing me.  I started Strength  training because of her and although it's only been a couple of weeks it has really helped out in many, many ways.  And so comes the third motivator.  

Focusing on the tiny.  Not a tiny waist but tiny things that are changing for the positive.  Like, my legs don't fall asleep when I'm on the elliptical any longer.  Like I can appreciate my calves again.  Like I have fat rolls again.  O.k. so why would I appreciate fat rolls?  Well, when your as fat as I was, it's one big roll.  It's now changing to a little bit smaller and multiple rolls instead of a big one.  I like that!  It means progress.  Also the strength training has helped me be stronger in almost everything I do.  I get up off the bus and I don't have to take double steps down the stairs any longer.  That always make me feel old and disabled.  Now I go down like a normal person.  Happy Happy day!  So it seems like everyday almost, I find little things that change in my daily existence that keep me moving.  Now if I can find a healthy cupcake...

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Cassandra, James and Madison said...

Thanks! I like being a help and you help motivate me as well.. I might be going to Vegas in May.. I need to look good haha